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Roamer Jib System

Roamer Jib System CH32A-6m

Sales price
  • 6mStandard Arm Length:
  • 8KgPayload:
  • ±60°Tilt Angle:
  • 4.5secMax Speed
  • Panning Unlimitedly
  • Compatible with DV & ENG
  • Digital signal Control
  • One person Setup and Tools-free
  • Power Supply for Camera
  • 58KgNet Weight:
  • 75cmDolly Width
  • 4.6mJib Arm Reach
  • 5.03mMax Lens Height
  • -2.87mMin Lens Height


Remote Head and Control System Specification
Compatible Cameras Sony & Canon LANC-enabled DV&HDV camera Panasonic DVX100, HVX200 series, HVX170 series, HMC40, 70 and 150 series Camera with ENG configuration
Compatible ENG Lenses Canon and Fujinon lens supported
Maxiumum Payload 9 kgs/19.84 lbs
Maximum Speed Pan & Tilt: 360° in 4.5 sec
Minimum Pan Speed Pan & Tilt: 360° in 20 min
Tilt Range ±360°
Pan Range Unlimited
Head Weight 5 kgs/11.02 lbs
Slip Ring Built-in
Power Input AC198V-264V (AC99V-132V as option), 50-60Hz
Power Supply for Camera Supported, two output on the head, DC12V for ENG camera, DC7.8V for DV camera
Head Power Output DC12V for ENG camera, DC7.8V for DV camera, control box power ouput
Control Box Power Output DC12V
Control Distance 30 m/98.4 ft (Power of head is from control box), 1 km/0.62 mile (Separate head power)

Jib Arm Specification


  Roamer - 4m Roamer - 6m Roamer - 8m
Jib Arm Reach 2.6 m/8.53 ft 4.60 m/15.7 ft 6.60 m/21.6 ft
Maximum Lens Height 3.3 m/10.9 ft 5.03 m/16.5 ft 6.76 m/22.2 ft
Entire Arm Length 4 m/13.1 ft 6 m/19.7 ft 8 m/26.3 ft
Pan & Tilt Range Pan: Unlimited, Tilt: ±60° Pan: Unlimited, Tilt: ±60° Pan: Unlimited, Tilt: ±60°
Dolly Width 75 cm 75 cm 75 cm
Net Weight 45 kgs/99.2 lbs 58 kgs/127.9 lbs 73 kgs/160.9 lbs

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