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Beillen BL-BP190

Beillen BL-BP190 Li-ion battery

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190Wh, 13Ah, 14.8V
4 level LED
output for cameralights
101x152x63 mm
4" x 6" x 2.5"
2.6 lbs (1200 grams)



Full capacity: 190 Wh
Max power output: 80 W
Battery runtime at 30W power consumption: 392 minutes
Charging time with BLB1703-BP2 charger: 277 minutes
Output connector type: Power Tap, 2 pin (F)
Chemistry: Lithium-ion
Cells used: LG, Grade A
Type: V-Mount

Beillen BL-BP190 is a 190Wh Li-ion battery with V-Lock connection, specifically designed for power-hungry applications, for example to power the camcorder along with an on-camera light and other device. The battery is equipped with the industry standard power tap connector. A typical 25-watt camcorder will be powered with Beillen BL-BP190 for more than 7 hours!
This battery is also available in set. See Beillen Promo Packages for details.

Buy this battery along with a COMER LED1800 on-camera light, and save 20% ! See CM-LED1800 KIT for details.
Beillen V-Mount type Li-ion batteries are compatible with professional camcorders equipped with V-Lock mount battery adapters (e.g. Betacam SX, Digital Betacam, DVCAM, XDCAM). Charging with a Beillen V-Mount type Li-ion battery charger is suggested, but many other Li-ion chargers can be used (e.g. Sony BC-L50). All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners.

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